Lynott Law was founded by Amber Bevacqua-Lynott following 18 years as an investigator and prosecutor with the Oregon State Bar’s Disciplinary Counsel’s Office (DCO).

During her time with DCO, Ms. Bevacqua-Lynott frequently encountered respondents (and even retained counsel) who were unfamiliar with the rules and the process. While she did her best to assist these individuals to the extent that she could, there were several instances in which a respondent’s (or counsel’s) instinct to improperly tailor the narrative to their favor or inability to navigate the process was detrimental to the respondent.

Ms. Bevacqua-Lynott came to recognize and appreciate the need for licensed professionals to have access to qualified guidance both prior to and through the investigative and disciplinary processes to ensure that the regulatory process is a learning experience, rather than a wasteful punitive exercise.

Lynott Law seeks to provide qualified guidance to licensed professionals in need of ethics advice or assistance in regulatory investigations and formal proceedings.

Lynott Law will take the time to understand and analyze clients’ issues to enable the firm to provide honest and pragmatic advice and guidance to professionals experiencing uncertainty about ethical issues and challenges to their licenses.